Content Update 2.1.0: Talisman Challenge Leagues, New Skills and more!

Omg that bow... Roth's Reach...

Does it stack additively with the rangers +1 skill chain node for ascendency? So it's skills chain +2 times total? That's going to be disgustingly good on my CoC bow user.
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amazing! i'll be coming back to wraeclast it seems! :D
Dammit POE, why can't I quit you? Finally take a break for Fallout 4, and now I'm excited for this update.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
Does anyone know the soundtrack name used for the trailer?

I keep having the video on repeat, but would rather have an mp3
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Looking awesome, i'm pretty new to this game but i think i'm gonna buy a supporter pack because how awesome it is. love the traps <3
talisman league it's one-months or three-months league?
ahhhhhhh , slurp the drool ..... blasphemy ......

all these build i thouhg before whitout a way to get them survive are about to become a reality .....
Nice they're finally adding the Curse to Aura Gem.
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I'm really excited for this! The bow builds are gonna be awesome for this patch!!
Are character skill trees going to reset with this patch?

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