0.10.1b Patch Notes

Do you guys ever get any sleep ^^

The minion stuff is awesome!
A dream come true thanks so much for the change to minion targetting!
GGG I love you!
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Chris wrote:
Version 0.10.1b
[li]You can no longer target minions on your own team.[/li]

Great change, but ability to check specters life from time to time will be very nice, one key for highlight (like with corpse selecting) will be perfect.
Chris wrote:
Version 0.10.1b
  • You can no longer target minions on your own team.

I literally victory punched upon reading this.
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Please add some toggle/key/something to see minion health. Personally, for me, this is an annoying change I wish didn't happen.

To me, the benefits of being able to see minion health far outweigh the benefit of not having to target around them. I know this is a healthy change for the game, and it SHOULD happen, but please don't harm summoners who actually want to see this info.
Sooo.... does that mean that it wont be possible to hover your minions in order to know how much HP they have left? A way to visualise this would be much appriciated
the minions should have an individual hp bar each somewhere at the side of the screan and i mean EVERY minion an individual one, not all 8 zombies together one icon! currently it is useless, cuz I can only see the actual healthbar of one zombie. If it's more....impossible to tell how your army is doing overall. Hovering over them is not so usefull, imho.
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I have a problem while downloading new patch.

Could not resolve host ... error

Maybe while Skype was ON make that problem.
I reset PC.. downloading is without error
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GGG best dev team ever.Period.
gotta sleep brahs

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