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More bugs with cast while channeling remains.

If i pair blade flurry up with it and something like bladefall the spell will be aimed at the character's feet unless i namelock a mob.

Similarly, detonate dead only work while having a mob namelocked.
Done. I missunterstood "cannot cause bleeding".

I have a question about the bloodlust gem. Didnt found a answer...

If a enemie bleeds and i have the bloodlust gem linked to my setup and i do 40 - 59 % more physical damage to the bleeding enemy. Does the 40 - 59 % more phys damage i deal to the enemy apply to poison as well? Poison Source = gem, gear, skilltree etc....
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Does cast while channeling have a hidden implicit spell damage reduction?

I have a 6 link setup that drops the DPS from 854 to 585 when i place the CWC gem in the links
Cast While Channeling would feel a lot smoother if it triggered right away. As it is, you have to "wind up" the channeling spell before it will trigger linked spells. I assume the delay is equal to the cast time on CWC, but it feels a lot longer than that.
Since you're giving up the links, I don't feel like it would impact balance too much to change it.
If Cast when Channeling triggered on the first press, you could just ram the button as fast as possible and get 20 Firestorms per second.
You'd still need the channeling spell itself to wind up. I'm not saying it should trigger as soon as you click, but rather as soon as your channeling spell kicks in. For example, my Wither has a cast time of 0.27 seconds, while my CWC currently has 0.39. Would feel a lot smoother if the first trigger occured at 0.27 along with my cast, and then every 0.39 seconds after that. Right now you can clearly tell it occurs around the second cast, but it does feel a lot smoother with a higher level CWC, proving my assumptions of why the delay exists in the first place.

Would be a nice little QoL. Having to stand still for even a split second longer than needed is a bit unfun, but I'll manage for now.
And then you use it with Incinerate at 0.1 second cast time...
I'm not sure if this is working as intended or if I'm just missing something obvious...

I was tinkering around and noticed in my 6-L that if I took out 1 of the 2 skill gems linked to Blight, that the one remaining skill gem triggered MUCH faster. Perhaps twice as fast.

I have Blight linked to Storm Call and Shock Nova. I took out Storm Call and now Shock Nova triggers much, much faster. I reversed it and Storm Call also was triggered much quicker with Shock Nova removed. I opened my character screen to see if my casts/sec changed for Nova when I removed Storm Call. Nothing changed whatsoever when adding/removing other skill gems. Weird.

Is the triggered effect supposed to slow down the more skill gems you link? There's nothing in the gem description to indicate that. Perhaps it's a bug.
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Only one Skill can be triggered at a time, so it'll alternate.
Oh, I was under the impression it did both at the same time much like CWDT.

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