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Idea for an alternative to Multistrike/Spell Echo:

Lesser Echo Strike Support - Hits with supported skills occur a second time after a short delay. Supported skills have X% less attack/cast speed and X% less damage with hits and ailments. Cannot be used with Multistrike or Spell Echo (not sure if this is needed, but maybe on-hit effects life LGoH could get too crazy without this restriction).

Greater Echo Strike Support - Similar to the above, but with hits repeat more times in exchange for more severe penalties.
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Are we going to get a thread about Storm Barrier?
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Completed 18 Challengesosesek wrote:
Are we going to get a thread about Storm Barrier?

shhhhh, GGG wants the Storm Barrier Support to be forgotten forever.
How about Cast while channelling support gem?
I know that spell cascade only works on targeted skills, but what about when a skill BECOMES a targeted skill? Like when casting Ice Nova on a Frost Bolt?

If it doesn't work, SHOULD it?
Tags: fire, support
Effect: add X fire damage to supported skills, add 15% chance to ignite to supported skills, has Blaze buff on kill burning enemies that works similar to Innervate support bem
Gem color: Red
Mana cost multiplier: same as Innervate.
when looking at lightning trap, I think there should be a support gem that reduces your projectiles count and increases your projectile damage. -> more levels = less projectiles but more damage. Flicker CoMK Discharger Guide - Legacy Crit Fireballer Guide - Warbands Aura Bot - Warbands Crit Trapper - 1 Month Fb HC Crit Staff Guide - Domination

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