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Could you please stop multistrike targets from being random
It would be a huge improvement to flicker strike.
Thank you ever-so-much for the support gem tooltip. It's a time and currency saver! I sometimes Think I've read descriptions thoroughly, but when I attempt to link a support it doesn't work, so I read again and smack my head when I see what I missed.

The tooltip prevents flat foreheads.

~ Shy
Can we please have a thread for Withering Touch Support, because I'd like a dev to clarify if the "Withered" debuff is the same as the unnamed "secondary debuff" from the Wither gem, or if you can stack both and benefit from even greater 'increased Chaos Damage taken'?
I have some problems with the way GGG handles support gems in there game. When I first started playing POE I thought that the games biggest strength was linking gems together to make abilities, but though out my time playing it appears that GGG more often than not fails to capitalize on this strength.

1: My first gripe is that support gems seem to be more focused on modifying the numbers of active gems rather than modifying there effects. If you look at the support gems on the POE wiki barely any of them significantly change the skills they are supporting.

2: It appears that all of GGG's effort goes into making the new active gems more interesting rather than the support gems (look at herald of agony and withering touch (both new gems) and the difference is pretty apparent). This should be the other way around, making more supports that can change what a skill does would not only make the new active skills just as interesting as when the focus was put on active gems, but also improve the interest in older active gems at the same time.

2.5: The new skill Toxic Rain is a good example of where GGG could have implemented a new support instead of an active. Toxic Rain is really similar to Rain of Arrows. Like really similar like you could basically get the same skill if you added in a support instead that lets say supports bow skills, reduces the number of arrows fired, reduces the damage, and has a chance to create a spore bud when the arrows from the skill stop moving. However as a support there is actually more creativity and depth to the game now because you can use it on other bow skills.

3: In general I think POE could benefit greatly from more thought and creativity being put into there support gems.
Support gems together with skill gems system is what makes this game stronger than d3/tl2/ml.
Reason: With these gems, you don't need to bother too much about picking the right class for your active skills, just get enough stats from gear or tree, and you're good to go.
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Idea for Multistrike and Spell Echo that would help theme and aesthetics.

Spell echo actually echos the spell rather than just making casting faster so fireball would be like:

pew pew...pew pew...pew pew... With the character animation of the casting only showing for the first.

Same with multistrike: bam bam bam.. bam bam bam.. removing the successive animations would make it sort of like Ancestral Call but Ancestral Call's hits happen all at once.

This would make the characters not look like they are spazzing out like people mentioned on Reddit.
Berek's Grip Ice Spear
Budget Magicfind and/or Hardcore Flame Totem
Since there is no dedicated thread to Cast while Channeling, I post this here. Would be nice if there is a dedicated thread :-)

How does CwC interact with cooldowns and spells that have a maximum usage storage?

I currently use Charged Dash-CWC-Desecrate-VD. My observations so far are that Desecrate and VD are casted in round robin until all Desecrate usages are gone. Then, while Desecrate is on CD, VD gets triggered each time. Is this correct?

Thank you

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