The Awakening is Live!

Thanks GGG!
Awesome expansion ever.
Beyond limitations
Anyone kill the last boss yet? comon too slow!!! I am still downloading the update lol.
If I go first, I'll wait for you in the other side of the dark water.
Unable to connect to patching server!

I've been trying for the past 3 hours. Trying many technical support pages and still nothing.

I too am stuck at work with chance of early parole!
NE1 else having no luck with mtx page?
Awesome and good work GGG. Over 13000+ viewers on Twitch, you guys have done so well.

Can't wait to jump right into the beast.
Great job guys!

Can't wait to download and play. :D
Greeeaaat job!
Finally! No more political bullshit from pool builders!
Good Work GGG

I'll be on when I get out of work at 10pm :(
I need a signature to look legit
I always considered this game a masterpiece, and now you've made it even better.
You've done an amazing job with this expansion. Thank you.
Grats GGG dudes!

If I could only beg for one thing, one small thing - could you guys increase the number of hamsters on your upload server(s) by any chance? The download speed have been downright SHIT for me...I'm on a 50mb connection DLing at less than 100kb/s. Tested it on other downloads/speedtests and there's nothing wrong over here....
The Labyrinth is absolute fvcking shit and Ascendancy points should not have any involvement with that piece of garbage. Calling that "content" is the same as calling fecal matter food.

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