The Awakening is Live!

Once again, GG GGG.
Congrats on really smooth start! You're teh best, guys :) keep it up
I like it a lot, great work ggg, thx for that!!!
The awakening hasn't been patched for all.

From the moment when download was possible until now, I have received an error message 'disconnected from patching server before patch completed' almost immediately as soon as I attempt to start PoE.

I have contacted Tech support. No help but I have furnished them with a fair amount of information with which they have managed NOT to resolve the problem. Tried every current and previous solution suggested without success.

Was working perfectly a day ago. Has stopped working entirely now.

There might be a problem. I would appreciate even a hint of a solution.
Lovin' it!
i <3 minesweeper
The update broke My guild chest. I can only access 3 of the 12 tabs I have paid for. Please fix this asap, as I cant access my gear or my maps.
How do u get to the new act then ? do u have to make a new char or ? i want play with my existing...
mortuus wrote:
How do u get to the new act then ? do u have to make a new char or ? i want play with my existing...

Go and kill Dominus then a walkway to the next act will open up in his boss room!
And what is with the german localisation?^^
wesker105 wrote:

Man, I agree with you - that competition is bullshit! So, people who paid to be given beta access can access the fucking thing on live faster than everyone because they dont have to DL the 2.4 gig patch with fucking terrible fucking speed, what the fuck!!!! This shit is stuck at 90% going at 4kb/s. Lack of total planning to provide the damn patch readily so everyone had equal chance at that goddamned promotion.

Wow, people are really getting desperate trying to find some excuse to cry about the beta now, even after it's over....

1. The patch was available to download 1.5 hours before you could login. Plenty of time to download everything.

2. Lifetime Season Points: 0 <-- I somehow doubt you would have won the competition regardless.

3. There were plenty of other chances to get into the beta without having to pay for it. In particular, there were a number of RACES which gave beta access as a prize. If you were skilled enough to win(or even finish in the top 20+ spots in any ONE of those, you could have gotten in the beta. And if you COULDN'T compete in any of those races, what the hell makes you think you had any chance of winning the laptop either?

4. While the beta might have given some advantage to people with access, the last few bosses were only added about 3 days before the end. I'm guessing even most of the people who did have beta access didn't have time or just didn't bother to level up another character to try them out in that short amount of time...especially on merciless difficulty. As for everything else in the beta, pretty much all the info that was known about it was widely available, so while that might not be as good as experiencing it firsthand, it's not like everyone else was completely in the dark about what was coming either.

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