The Awakening is Live!

Must of got the time wrong, everything now seems right in the world, now to spend 10 hours doing my build!
IGN: RangerDodson
Great work GGG! Love it.

nice job!!!! go go goooooo
NervoZza - Level 100 Witch /// NervoZzo - Level 94 Marauder
NervoZza_III - Level 93 Scion /// FarmoZzo - Level 91 Templar
Congrats to GGG, you rock!
Pure! [insert F-Word here]! Deathmetal!

Thank you very much GGG, your job is awesome!!
u made best game ever :) thank you !!!
Thanks GGG! Nice TGIF gift after a busy work week!
smooth upgrade, got a good place in the amsterdam queue, all char names i wanted, the new armor and all guildies playing again.

amazing game, professional release preparation, congratulation and thx ggg!
the 2020 more positive version
Server seems unstable for me (Washington DC, playing from Brazil). Disconnecting every now and then when switching instances and a lil bit laggy.

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