The Awakening is Live!

The servers are holding up well. We're working on fixing some small issues, but so far this is our smoothest launch ever.
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Last edited by Chris on Jul 10, 2015, 3:56:12 PM
No way. First!?

Haha, guess everybody is busy playing! I'll also jump in...
Have you made a cool build using The Coming Calamity? Let me know!
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Anyone seeing a bug where non one can add items to Guild stash?
Amazing work guys, big fan!
Nice job!

But by the way, could you please state the duration of the new leagues. I can't find anything about this.

Good work, guys. No problem at now with servers. But the site is regulary don't working. Cheers.
Awesome work GGG
WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

WOOT. And I, of course, am stuck at work. Trying to get out of here in next 2 hours or so ....

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