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Hello Sie_Sayoka, I'm currently trying to make a bit of a jungly abandoned library hideout using the Enlightened Hideout. But I'm trying to make it look warm without having light sources exposed. I want to hide them in the large rocks, I've tried Elreon's Stand Lamps but they're too tall and Vorici's Low Fire Pits. But for some reason if they're under the rocks they dont give off any light at all.

Here's a pic of what the hideout looks like right now, it's also the area I'm focusing on right now.


i like what you did, looks cute and warm indeed!

as for the question, decors dont really block the light of other decors, so this is my idea of what happened: vorici fire pits come with light off i think as variation 1, you need to turn them on. if you put the rocks first, you couldnt have seen that vorici pits had lights off! so next time you put vorici pit under a rock, try to scroll mouse button and see if you get the light. you should!
I'm playing the game again so I'll get around to posting the rest of Haku's decorations which I don't think I finished. I'll also update the guide and maybe post a new hideout.
This thread is awesome, I really appreciate your work! :)

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Haku is now done and all of the decorations in the game have been added. If they do release more decorations I will not update the guide. It takes too much time.

I'll begin work on a new hideout soon.
Added a bunch of stuff hope it can be of some use. Feedback very welcome. See you next league.

To do list:
- Reorganize guide
- Add Leo decorations
- Lower tier hideouts
- More decoration combinations
- Finish color theory
- Themes and focal points
- Flooring pictures
nice thread, nice HOs


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