Content Update 1.3.0: Torment, Bloodlines and PvP!

Amazing, btw hi mom!
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Awww shieet! Shit just got real!
OMG 25 new uniques!. And they moved Zealot's Oath to the right of Purity of Flesh. Nice!
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This is looking delicious...
This could possibly be one of the longest 2 weeks I have experienced yet in my lifetime, ok probably not, but pretty excited about the Torment league. I played the Diablo series for many years and now this and the reason I play is for the thrill of the hunt for items and Torment sounds right up what I like! Thank god for off season for work here in the midwest so I can enjoy the full 3 months and dig in hard this league!

Hoping they release the tree next week so we can get a good look at it and decide how and what we want to roll with on the new leagues!

Thanks for the update. PvP is getting tons, so good for those players. I don't play the rpgs for the pvp though lol ... I go to UO/SB/AA/DF for my pvp fix, but who knows might give it a shot here now.
Cool thanks GGG. Also please put a "PvP Dps Tooltip" so that way we can see the rebalance changes for PvP and test different builds.
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CAnt wait!!! looks awesome
Well damn!!
The HC league still without good rewards... meanwhile sc league still with huge rewards...
Why GGG, just why.

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