Content Update 1.3.0: Torment, Bloodlines and PvP!

Looks very good. Looking forward to more stuff and of course the look at the updated tree areas.
Man google and all of the other PVP freaks just came right now
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- ''Why the fuck do people say the game is easy when...''
- ''What they haven't done shit?''
- ''Got to feel badass somehow right?''
huge Leo Redmane fan already
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Sounds great. Looking forward to it.
Need SKill tree pls
IS this the real life?

"What's do you what?" - Kira of the Maraketh
Awesome mates.
While it's always awesome to see developers work hard are create great content, it's even better when it in reaction to what the community wants and does, hence the growing PvP scene.
While not my particular cup of tea, it's always fun to watch.
Best game ever.
8 New Gems :O
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