Content Update 1.3.0: Torment, Bloodlines and PvP!

tbh imo this game is more of a grind and get items kinda game pvp really isnt a big thing for me z_z... i like the new things that the update has brung to the table...25 new uniques is o_o even if most r vendor trash -.-.. but can use some for skins so ._. rose staff one way i was expecting something more from ghosts.. but its a nice new addition ....well time for my daily feed of poe :) also wanted to say ty for taking the time to the whole team ofc... for developing new content and trying to keep the game fun :) when i first started this game i thought it was whatever.. but as time grew i began to love this game :) so idk what im trying to type but ty to all who created or helped w poe <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I dont like passive skill tree reset....

Me either. Happens every four to six months, though, so the choices we're given are either deal with it, or play something else.

The constant breaking of the skill tree is my single biggest beef with the entire game.

I enjoy that dominant builds change, items fall in and out of favour etc. Mostly i enjoy going back to all my high level chars and playing around with a new tree, sometimes swapping gear over completely to try new stuff with new gem combinations and decent gear pool to choose from.

I understand sometimes you look back at a already complete char and want to play again, but 104 skill points to assign. So wtf did i do with this char 6 months ago again? Ill take that over a static game anyday.

Not if you spent a ton of time building your build a specific, complicated way, only to have it destroyed, potentially permanently.
Exactly! Changing around stuff and nerfing gems and passive skills all the time simply destroys a game like this. Being a PvE game originally nerfing around like that and destroying builds that took months to create is pretty much hitting lots of players in the face. I'd say they should balance PvP content, but stop making PvE less and less interesting. It just sucks having to re-create your characters every so often, just to find out that you lost 1000 or even 10000 (like I did with this last patch)! Especially after I spent quite some time getting this build running and I don't have the time playing day and night, meaning that I don't have enough high chars or the items to simply design a new effective build instead of the one I had!!!

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Real question is...

When will this league end ?

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