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Hello XYZ
Thank you for your amazing tool! i do hope you have the energy and funds to continue developing it.

just want to point out that since approximately yesterday; searchlights cant be sorted correctly, that is the first 20 results are shown in ascending order, then it gives up and shows it in random order.
this is super-duper sad and i hope this is something temporary that won't stay. I hope it's something easy to fix and won't take to much time or effort from you. screenshot:
searching for maps does not work, exactly the tier search tool does not work
example, T16 maps, nothing found
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The issue with items disappearing should be resolved now.

If your items still don't show up, let me know.

Hey XYZ,

My items are still not being listed on your trade site, may I know if this will be fixed before the next league? Or will I not be able to trade next league as well?

please advise, thanks.
Can somebody include a filter like hour week month year something like that, because when i contact one player to buy an item they dont have more, And they said that was buyout a long time Ago, or itens from one month or more can be deleted of poe.trade please.
Could you please provide a page title, for example the search term, item type or base, a shortened summary of the search parameters or something along those lines? Would be really helpful! Other than that I love the site, thank you very much!
When searching for leech on boots (maybe other enchants too), after searching the mod is removed from the selected mods. So when you refresh the page, it doesn't search for the enchantment anymore.
Hello xyz

I have a problem with the push notifications of the live search under google chrome.They simply don't appear. I allowed the push notifications, tried completly resetting and reinstalling chrome(deleting appdata and registry inclusive). I encounter the same problem on my pc as well as on my laptop.

Is that a general issue with google chrome?
Please add the functionality to filter

- online and afk
- online without afk
- offline

To filter out afk price pushers from your searches.

Should be an easy addition to the filter selections with high impact for consumers of the site.


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Hey there, tried to set up a currency shop on poe.trade

Got the URL tried pasting, but nothing happens, just reverts to the same page.

Ever happen before?
VA_Harbinger (__Achiles__) never sells any listed items for orbs . There are also a lot of topics on reddit about him and what he does. Pricefixing literally everything with huge stock and never sell

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