0.10.0f Patch and Scheduled Downtime

ggimkaas wrote:
Redd84 wrote:
Does anyone know what time that is in the europe Amsterdam region?

7 am to 9:30 am.

(I still don't get the baby boom joke.)

Time is spot on.

As for the joke; after WW2 every one had kids after the world sort of settled down, now he's expecting everyone to roll a new HC char because it's more stable now, so no more lame excuses like "I died of desync".

I think desync will still be an issue, this will just fix the random log outs and stash loading slow (I'm assuming).

I thought he meant that with time off from PoE, we'd all have to occupy ourselves with ... other activities.
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hoongfei wrote:
Baby boom in 9 months.

Now game should be more stable.
Thank You GGG team!.
GRIM DAWN: Loyalist Supporter
You guys rock!
Very quick updates when the maintenance went past the posted time...

Keep up the good work GGG
Very nice
Awesome! Still waiting for new microtransactions :)
Exhale the warm air, wipe the mirror to the soul
As I tossed all my "sorry" to the sky.
we want events
Well 2:50pm here in the east coast of the US and i see a big improvement..
no more DC´s for me, nice work!

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