0.10.0f Patch and Scheduled Downtime

Servers are stable now :)
ggimkaas wrote:

(I still don't get the baby boom joke.)

Time is spot on.

As for the joke; after WW2 every one had kids after the world sort of settled down, now he's expecting everyone to roll a new HC char because it's more stable now, so no more lame excuses like "I died of desync".

I think desync will still be an issue, this will just fix the random log outs and stash loading slow (I'm assuming).

I thought he meant that with time off from PoE, we'd all have to occupy ourselves with ... other activities.

Correct, and I believe the OP was referring to the mini baby boom that happened in NYC after the famous NYC Blackout.
very impressed with keeping the servers steady.
rough start, but you guys pulled through it.
Only the misfortune of exile can provide the in-depth understanding and the overview into the realities of the world.
Yes, Good Job.
Hello, my name is Carlos Ramos.

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