0.10.0f Patch and Scheduled Downtime

Patch servers go down too? (I'm downloading from scratch and want to go to bed)
Sorry about any typos, Android and my fingers don't get along very well, and I figure that a few typos are preferable over stomping on the tablet like a mad person.
jackrungh wrote:
I doubt the demographics of the PoE community are conducive towards a baby boom. I'm 29 with a wife and three kids, but I think most here are in a different mode of life. Also, those of us actively creating new humans probably look more like this:

That was exactly my thought when I read the original comment (which was brilliant btw) ... I'm recently divorced and loving my freedom :)

Was thinking some TL2 to pass the outage but now they pushed it backed a couple hours, so that works out for those on the west coast of the US.
And Charan gets a rest .....wtg GGG

Seriously good work GGG hope it all goes well

Think I'll stay up til it comes back on...TV onDemand here I come
I get home from work at 11:55 PM :(
Its 0:43 am for me here, so, at what time will it be? Can someone tell me? :)
You could use this online time converter. Select Time Zone -> PST, set to midnight, and select your own country to convert to.

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dat downtime ;'(
what time is that in europe? CET

This sounds awesome. I play with mobile internet which is pretty bad itself but if we get stable servers it will be good to go. At non-peak times I'm at 100ms but peak times it reaches to 400-500ms and it's pretty hard to play then.
400-500 ms? I guess you play on hardcore then...

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