New upcoming unique.

Nice skin
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Someone wasted one thousand dollars on making those boots? Seriously WTF were they smoking, its bad enough adding more low level uniques into the game, but ones as useless as this, WOW.
Quantume wrote:
Those boots are GODLIKE......

(wait for it)



Going to be the most wanted item for mules.

nice thought over there lol
lol well

id try the boots if they wouldnt require full es to work, worst idea ever. Imo make them work without having the need of full ES.
What even
I don't understand
Another quality ZAP! post.
someone have a lot of money to waste...

well, probably fragment farmers gonna use it :D
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chimpanzee wrote:

buff time?!
my english sux.
qquno wrote:
someone have a lot of money to waste...

well, probably fragment farmers gonna use it :D

Yeah, no other boot in the game provides such high movement speed.
I imagine these boots get even better with Zealot's Oath / Ghost Reaver.
Just try not to get hit by anything on your way.
Another quality ZAP! post.
Grughal wrote:
For those who don't want to click obscure Finnish links, see below Spoiler.


Pretty rough penalty indeed...

This seems excellent for leveling an ES-based archer to me. Especially if you want to level as CI instead of giving into the "but CI is impossible until you have 1209582 ES!!!!" nonsense.

Now if only there were a lower-level variant of Soul Strike...

Right idea, wrong keystone.

Now, I can't be entirely sure about this, since the "full" keyword has only been used with respect to Life up to this point, but if you take Eldritch Battery, that should give you the 40% movespeed bonus constantly, right?

Even without taking that into consideration, they look like they're going to be ridiculous for races. I'd imagine they'd also come in handy if, for some insane reason, you ever wanted to try a Lightning Warp build.

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