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Lyralei wrote:
TherosPherae wrote:

Now, I can't be entirely sure about this, since the "full" keyword has only been used with respect to Life up to this point, but if you take Eldritch Battery, that should give you the 40% movespeed bonus constantly, right?

Seeing as how 0/0 mana is considered full mana (does not trigger Infernal Mantle's penalty) it would be fairly safe to assume that running Eldritch Battery would treat you as full ES all the time (0/0).

0/0 is not full mana. It's just not low mana either.
Meridin wrote:
Veruski wrote:
Daniel_GGG wrote:
0/0 is not full mana. It's just not low mana either.

0/0 should be considered both full mana and low mana, if you're being mathematically consistent.

No, I think they got it right. It should be neither because 0/0 is undefined in mathematics. Full and Low have to correspond to real values in math that their game engine can evaluate.

Full is anything >= 1. (Now that I think about it, a unique that lets you have slightly more life or mana than your maximum would be interesting.)

Low is anything < 0.35. (I'm not sure if being dead also counts as Low Life, but that's kind of irrelevant anyways.)

So, is 0/0 >= 1 or < 0.35? There is no answer, because 0/0 is undefined. Therefore, if you're being mathematically consistent, it is neither.
Indeed. 0/0 is undefined, and thus neither full nor low.

Meridin wrote:
Raycheetah wrote:
0/0 life is dead, not low life. =^[.]^=

Actually, I don't think 0/0 life would be dead either. Dead is anything <= 0, which 0/0 can't be, because it is undefined. Think about it like this: how can something be dead, when it was never alive in the first place? =0[.]o=
This one you're overthinking. 0/0 is undefined, and thus the answers to "is this on low life?" and "is this on full life?" are both no.
It's still dead, because deadness isn't checking 0/0 - being dead isn't a function of your current life compared to maximum life like full or low, it's just your current life.
At 0/0 life your current life is simply 0, which is a defined value at which you are dead.

Actually reducing your maximum life to 0 so that you can be dead in this way is left as an exercise for the reader.
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Meridin wrote:
Carnage Heart -25%
The Covenant -20%
Ming's Heart -30% (-15% x2)
Ephemeral Edge -20% (-10% x2)
That is a lot more than I thought would be possible. O_o

The designers have now been warned against putting any more reduced maximum life on uniques in other slots so we don't reach 100%, and I'm adding a safety net that will prevent it from permanently bricking a character if it ever accidentally becomes possible.

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