What Happens when the Ambush and Invasion Leagues end this Weekend?

The characters in these leagues will transfer to their parent leagues. Ambush characters will transition to Standard and Invasion characters will transition to Hardcore. Please note that this process is not instant - it can take some time. We will start the process a few minutes after the leagues end.

Your stash tabs from the challenge leagues will also transition to their parent leagues as remove-only tabs. This is so that you aren't penalised for not having enough stash tabs. Remove-only tabs will last until the items are removed from them. Once you remove an item from a remove-only stash tab you cannot return it to that stash tab.

We recently made a change where the contents of a remove-only tab are automatically moved into a new stash tab as one is purchased. This was primarily to fix a technical problem, but happens to also help users who purchase a lot of stash tabs when challenge leagues end and don't want to have to move the items across one at a time.

Many of the features we tested in the Ambush and Invasion leagues will be added to the core game. We've updated the Development Manifesto entry on this topic with our current line of thinking. These changes will occur when the 1.2.0 mini-expansion is deployed in August.

It's always good to see how many players continue playing their characters in Standard and Hardcore in the gap between challenge leagues. Because much of our playerbase play in the challenge leagues, we initially expected to see dramatically reduced online player concurrency while those leagues aren't available. There are two potential reasons we can see for this not being the case:
  • When characters join the established economies of Standard and Hardcore they get access to a whole new league of trading and crafting options. Builds can be substantially improved by the better or older items available.
  • There's generally a greater influx of new players and an increase in returning players as we start to promote a new expansion and new challenge leagues. This promotion process will start in a few weeks :)

We'll be running a special one-month event starting the weekend after Ambush/Invasion end (Friday July 11, US time). The details of its properties will be revealed in a few days. During this event we'll be announcing details of the new mini-expansion that will be released in August. New challenge leagues will start when that expansion is released.
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Hype! :D
nice! :D
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Sounds good.

Thanks for these four month of happy challenging hours.
1st page hype ?
Very Nice. Can't wait, guys. High five GGG.
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Sounds good
So if I buy tabs now all my remove only shit will flood them? rofl. What about race rewards?
If ya need something @chimberly

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In all honesty I can't see the point in having a month break between challenge leagues, despite the fact a 1 month league could be interesting but I can't see why the other leagues had to end for that. Anyway it will be the first time I'll be spending time in standard.
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