1.2.0 Development Timeline

In this news post, we outlined the current development timeline that we are working towards. I'm reproducing it in the manifesto and will update it in the future as we announce more information.

The following times are in the NZ timezone:
  • Very early July: Content Update 1.1.5 deployment
  • July 6: Ambush/Invasion four-month challenge leagues end
  • July 12: One-month special event starts (details currently unannounced)
  • Mid/late July: Details of Mini-Expansion start to be announced
  • August 9: One-month special event ends
  • Mid August: New Challenge Leagues and 1.2.0 Mini-Expansion release
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Can't wait!
IGN: Zahlan
yay, the 4 month leagues will be while i'm at university again.... thought I'd get a good 2 months over the summer, looks like i'll have to play the special 1 month instead ....
IGN: lVlage (96 Witch)
so no 1.1.6? ... time to play d3 i guess :/
Awesome cant wait to see what the special 1 month league is, and also having our minds be blown like they were with the teasers to the new 4 month leauges. Remebering the first screenshot of something that was corrupted TEASER HYPE!

AND ALSO PLEASE SINCE THE START OF THE HC LEAUGE INVASION WAS SO BROKEN/NOT BALANCED and AMBUSH getting those insanely fun BOXES plz plz plz GIVE HC the super amazingly fun stuff to do this time around in the 4 month leauge!
ign HC: Ek_dank Acct name xDank
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iwantcoupons wrote:
so no 1.1.6? ... time to play d3 i guess :/

Instead there is 1.2

"Man, it's like we're fighting housewives and their equipment." - Millennium
Looking forward to new leagues
1 month cut-throat league?

PvP tournaments?

one of my best shots from the action screenshot competition lol
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