Rebalancing Internal Unique Item Rarities (Locked June 16)

Enable LUA script with frame-level-one combat spam, and a LUA parsing combat box, and so thereby allow in-game theory crafting.


make Eternal Orbs drop *slightly* less frequently than Chaos.

Do those two things, and POE draws in massive crowds for many a moon.

Refuse to do both, and POE is a goner by end of the year.

Mark my words.
but superrare stuff will still be so superrare that even when i hit lvl 100 i would not have found any of them :)
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link1313 wrote:
"We don't want to be too disruptive to the existing in-game trade value of uniques."

Except you just did by announcing and eventually implementing these changes.

poor poor decision GGG, this isn't diablo 3.

Poor decision is to still stick to this "economy first" paradigm. They should give a fuck about economy and increase drop rates much more, mere 100% will not be noticeable cosidering abysmall drop rates.

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Anticipation slowly dissipates...
Finally, I was waiting for something like this for too long that even my desire to play was ridiculously low. Maybe this is a good direction to make the game much more rewarding, very good news.
I was so excited by this news I immediately opened the game and dropped myself a Voidbringer. From a white mob. On a 0% IIQ and 0% IIR character.
We want players to find a greater variety of uniques, especially if doing boss runs.
I hope this is tied to the boss level somehow. Finding more f**king IRON HATS from Dominus get's really frustrating, really fast.

We want to see more availability of interesting uniques for all players.
Awesome. You might want to tweak "inner treasure" modded bosses. They seem to drop an awefully large amount of Rhoa doodoo currently. Defeating a boss in a level 75 map with that mod should be more rewarding than yet another f**king GREAT HELMET.

We want build-defining uniques to become more available than they previously were.
I've seen only one or two really super uniques in about 5000 hours of playtime (over my 3 accounts) so it would be great to see more.

We don't want to be too disruptive to the existing in-game trade value of uniques.
Sorry but the total economy is a super shambles anyway. I wouldn't worry too juch about breaking what in reality is totally broken already.

I'm looking forward to these improvements a lot. Starting over in the 2-week league has made me see just how bad unique drops are (IMHO).

theSuRcher wrote:
Could we maybe get a list, which unique is common, which uncommon and and so so so on? Would be very interesting! :-)

You seriously can't figure this out? Iron Hat, Great Helmet, Jade Amulet, etc etc are common. You must be new so I say to you run a boss like piety for 5 hours or so and you will soon discover what "common" means :)

what would be really neat is if GGG would make a post and show the stats like how many unique gold amulets have dropped ever, etc! It would be easy to see what is common and what is not I reckon.
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Btw, I'm surprised Facebreaker is in the Uncommon tier, since it drops more often than Araku Tiki and Karui Ward combined.
So they finally realized that poor drop rate was the reason behind their declining playerbase? I love the marketing tone "We're generally happy with the overall drop rate" I am sure you are, but a little honesty would have gone a long way.

I and many fiends already left due to being unable to afford basic shit, couldn't even 5l an infernal mantle let alone find Bino's. How am I supposed to stay for the long run and play other builds if I can't even play with 1 niche build. Did they finally realized that we came here for action not to play Wall Street simulator? I don't actually have a desire to comeback after this game has frustrated me for so long, watching it's demise is more satisfying at this point.
waaaaay too late ... so many people left already. and this numbers ... after ~3000 hours of poe i didn't even seen unique worth more than 5ex so you guys expect me to play 3000 more to find - nothing again? simple don't belive you. this is exactlly how it started in D3 vanilla - every few month they "doubled" something. then Jay get fired and Josh did the job right.

btw! i dont even blaim Jay for Auction house/RM auction house. Much more is behind that story. After Blizz re-buyed stocks from the damn money grabbers things went better. As i know you guys are independent company? Where is the problem?
Mirror of Kalandra?
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