Content Update 1.1.3 Compiled Info (Locked May 16)

Chris wrote:

Added an option to constrain the mouse pointer to the window, while in windowed mode. This option is off by default.

That should help lower the dumb-deaths count of idiots like me. I died several times during a fight when i, being in full panic mode, accidentally resized the window.
Antigegner wrote:
Tezzrhan wrote:
Don't change the topic where I was talking about fella, come back with better arguments next time ;)

oh, i see, u r stupid. ok.

Says the one who can't even spell correctly.
SirLoin wrote:
Chris wrote:
Increased the spawn rate of side areas (to roughly 220% of the current value) and also the drop rate of rarer fragments, relative to the more common ones.

Does this include the mortal fragments, or just the Sacrifice ones?

Curious about this too, hoping it does, would love some clarification.
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Awesome patch! Looking forward to the build of the week episode. :)

Any info about vaal haste?
Chris wrote:

  • Rhoa charges, Blackguard shield charges and Fire Fury's Firestorm can no longer crit in Normal difficulty. This is a way of reducing the variance of the difficulty of these encounters, without just outright nerfing them.

One of the few situations where a base damage nerf would have been the simplest and most effective change, and you choose the arbitrary and unintuitive solution of disabling crits on a tiny handful of monsters in a single difficulty instead? The wtf factor in balance decisions has risen since cb to the point where the decisions made are just unfathomable now. At least the actual gameplay damage resulting from this change should be negligible to nonexistant.

Regarding early encounters- if you want to improve the early game for beginners, focusing on the rhoas in mud flats is a great place to start, but their critting is hardly a major part of the problem and removing crits wont improve the experience of the area measurably. The main issues are the rhoas desyncing due to shield charge, stunlocking the player in the process and often desyncing them as well as they get bonked around like a pinball from the multiple knockbacks.

Replacing the standard rhoas in flats with a palette swapped, renamed version that doesnt use shield charge (leaving the larger rhoas in flats and the ones in ship graveyard and later areas as is) would be a fine start as the chain knockbacks, repeated stunlocks and constant desyncing of both struck players and packs of charging rhoas would be greatly mitigated. As is, this areas main memorable "feature" is that it showcases the games biggest and most glaring fault, hardly the sort of thing youd ideally want to be presenting to your new players in the first 5-10 minutes of the game.

Also not looking forward to hailrake being a one shot wonder with crit glacial cascades, nor do i like how the battle is now going to be yet another "and heres why you dont melee in poe" affair, but ive already ranted about this in a previous thread so ill leave it at that.
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Any info about the Vaal Haste and Vaal Reave?

Also the "Increased the spawn rate of side areas to roughly 220% of the current value", does this mean there are going to be 200% more monsters in the side areas?
And is it all side areas?
Increased the spawn rate of side areas (to roughly 220% of the current value) and also the drop rate of rarer fragments, relative to the more common ones.

Would you please remove these from regular racing then? A multitude of racers in the feedback forums already explained in length why those are bad and can mess-up runs. It's not fun to run into them and have to back-track for a minute. If we now run into more than double the amount on average that would be just painful. That being said, I think it's a good addition to the normal game, so please sepperate that from racing.

The character creation process has been streamlined so that you have to select a character class before you can type in a character name. Some new players were struggling to understand the flow of this UI before.

What about Echo?
That's it?
Mirror of Kalandra?
It's too late, too many people got legit one shotted on characters they invested in. You fuck with people's time like it's funny and half way through the league you're "adjusting" damage. It's like Blizzard releasing D3 as a steaming pile of shit and then fixing it later after the damage had been done.

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