What's Being Kept from Ambush/Invasion? (Updated July 4)

i might be one of the fewer players on this one but i'm actually gonna miss invaders :<

could you add them to corrupted zones? will those stay?
make corrupted zones have random invaders instead of fixed ones?

or add a system to fight random invaders next to the fixed ones?

i'm serious not trolling :/
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The system of guest base monster types was successful and will be integrated into the core game. It will be toned down substantially so that guest monsters are mostly noticeable in higher difficulties (we ramped it very high for Invasion).

This is stupid. The whole 'guest monster' system ruins the unique feel of each area.
PLease consider keeping cartos the way they are...They are already super rare in higher lvl maps and
would give more incentive to play standard. People loved ambush mainly because of cartos.
Let us have some fun. Isn't this game supposed to be kind of like d2?? thats why so many fall
in love with it.. I don't remember lvling beeing gated by rng in d2?. I love poe , but it makes me sad
that end game is so gated.

Why are you so worried that people play high lvl maps and level faster?
It still takes forever to level to 100 unless u drastically neglect ur real life in which case you deserve it i guess? It still takes dedication and a solid build even in ambush.

Getting to 100 imo is already unforgiving enough, why do we need it to be even harder by
pointless rng gating the end game content.. Cartos were really refreshing to me and i didnt find them gamebreaking not one bit. They brought the overall map prices down to an affordable level as well.
Before ambush, 78 maps were 2 ex each on standard. There was a point they were 4 ex not too long before that as well. With the amount of runs it takes to hit 100, that is just a sickening price for a map... A MAP...

At this point most people are just forced to reroll all the time , and it gets pretty damn tiring. some people just don't like it.

If you guys do decide to nerf them an idea would be to only be able to drop +2 map lvl.So people don't run through map tiers that easy . Something along those lines, just an idea.

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plz do not bring invade mob/boss into HC :(

use that for race , 1 week etc
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Chris wrote:
Invasion bosses will be kept as a mod we can use for events.

Invaders everywhere please.

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released

I'm very very glad to see the guest monsters are going to be put into the game. It gave a great feel to the game that made each area exciting especially after clearing it 1000 times.

Please don't nerf carto's to badly because maps being end-game this is the first league people have had maps to almost sustain themselves instead of running out and getting frustrated. If they go back to a dry map run after this league is over - people WILL quit. No way around it, they have seen what it's like to have them and to go back to the way it was will be worse than ugly.

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Please do not nerf Carto boxes too much. They allowed many players the ability to get into high level maps without having to work on trading most of the day to do it.
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Thurisas84 wrote:
Chris wrote:

Unique Items
We generally do not add unique items from challenge leagues to the full pool when the league ends. With Ambush/Invasion we are examining our roster of Unique Quivers, and may allow these to spawn after the leagues end. If this is going to happen, we will let the community know well in advance.

But they already do:


This comment probably won't be seen this far down in the thread. But...

I was also confused by this. Were the unique quivers supposed to be dropping in Standard? I found these:

And yes, they did drop in Standard, not Invasion transferred to Standard or something like that. I was very confused when I saw them, considering that the new quiver set was not dropping in Standard.
dan7 wrote:

I was also confused by this. Were the unique quivers supposed to be dropping in Standard? I found these:

I believe the quivers in question are drillneck and rearguard, which, to my knowledge, don't drop in standard. Hyrrie's and Asphyxia's were introduced after the leagues started.
Chris wrote:

Ambush League
The Ambush strongboxes are great fun and will be integrated into the core game. Their spawn rate will probably be reduced slightly and we will delay the first strongboxes appearing until later in the game.

Please reconsider this. Early in the game is when you most nedd strongboxes to offset the extremely poor loot progression early game.

When you are wearing gear from A1N in A2C there is a problem. Strongboxes went a long way to alleviating this. At higher levels few strongboxes are worth anythig (gemcutter and carto being the exception.) The rest are generally just shard makers at higher levels. Never once saw an upgrade from these boxes at 60 and beyond.

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