What's Being Kept from Ambush/Invasion? (Updated July 4)

[Ambush only]

Hope they don't make them as rare as the Wealth mod...

Haaaa ! this mod, i've got it last month in cruel while farming Fellshrine Ruines.

I've felt so disappointed to only find a Scholar Robe which was Cloak of Flame. . .

Wouldn't it be better to only find it in merciless?

Inner Treasure, Singularity, Wealth.

3 mods 3 difficulties ?

NCPereira wrote:

Completed 2 ChallengesEKTELESTES wrote:
+1 to people who think Stronboxes should NOT be nerfed.

That's a really bad decision IMHO.

I Agree, Do not Nerf them, set Exiles Rogues in each Strongboxes we can Encounter !

About theses Rogues, at start they were powerfull enough to make it appear like a real challenge which was fun, after a little Nerf and new Exiles, they were weak except for 2 of them (summoner + ground Slam) whom are Deadly terrific to encounter on our path.

Finally this league was fun enough for me and my friends, we learnt a lot of things.
THANKS to All GGG who is the fastest to correct bugs & cie...
ps: I apologize if there's no-sense of fail while writting this, my english isn't great so early in the morning)

8 players party is fun! Welcome on Path Of Exile
Cartographer boxes aren't unevenly applied to the player base.
They're the best fucking thing to happen to this game.

How many people before carto boxes would rather re-roll a character than spend 2 god damn hours farming lunaris fucking 3 for a SLIGHT chance at progressing through this mother fucking "end-game" and nothing more.

Why gate the end-game with so much RNG, Carto boxes are still RNG but at least they're reliable, way too many people are crying strongbox o.p. and I guarantee you that those people are the same ones crying RF o.p. because they don't know how it's going to be received.

Devs see all the people saying O.P. and think those people have done their homework, they know what they're talking about.

I see all the people saying O.P. and think those people haven't related to another human being in so long that uttering the phrase somehow integrates them with a cloud of similar individuals who also don't know what O.P. means.... TL;DR: They're saying O.P. because they want to say O.P. they don't know anything about anything.

Rightly powered is never a phrase you see tossed around is it?

...I hope GGG doesn't fuck cartoboxes.
I'm going to shit on their end-game gate and finally quit if they do :D
That's not even a threat, it's just what's going to happen, and I don't think I'm the only one. If you ever took a look at the feedback forums I should say that I know I'm not the only one.

I'll pack up my stuff and leave a wet dook on ambush league, remembering it as a desperate cry for new players to view the game as "maybe not so much rng" just so they'll start playing the game for good, believing that GGG gives a damn about player comforts when in 'balance-mode.' Hey, maybe GGG do care about player comfort, look how boring and easy normal difficulty has become, isn't that comfortable?

It's just more "lubrication. You've read a million times how GGG want the player to feel powerful in the beginning, because in the end, you have to pay countless fucking hours just to find maps that you can then proceed to go feel weak in. This is what I call "lubrication" because you're going to get fucked hard soon after.

Look at Summoners, patch 1.1 was SOOOO much lube for summoners!
Then what happened?
1.2 Fucked.
1.3 Fucked hard.
2.0? ^ _^ Maybe cuddles? doubt it!

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add everything to standard pls or me quit! :D
Mess with the best, die like the rest
I actually longed for Invasion Bosses to be brought into the core game, probably tweaked.

There are quite a number of bosses that requires different tactics to deal with and give a change of taste while you grind. Maybe with some tweaks and nerfs,(so they will not instagib people who have slightly slower reaction) it can encourage a mainstream of builds that have a second "specialization", to cover up some serious drawbacks of their builds, which can contribute to the customization factor of the game.

I don't see how the Invasion Bosses are worse than CB, where at least Invasion Bosses are exciting, and CB just force you to check every mob carefully, which is tiresome, troublesome and NOT FUN.
Hi GGG Team,

Ambush and Invasion was great. Actually Ambush was mine favourite league from early beginning.

I seen many people saying not to nerf Cartographers. That let me think that if so many people need them it means that Maps drop rate in general is too low.

What I would like to see is more maps in general, just a slightly more, that is not happening too often that maps give 0 maps.

And Cartographers could be something what will add flavour - much less maps but more interesting. If cartographers would drop unique maps that would be interesting if they are rare enough.
shoshinsha wrote:
I actually longed for Invasion Bosses to be brought into the core game, probably tweaked.


I don't see how the Invasion Bosses are worse than CB, where at least Invasion Bosses are exciting, and CB just force you to check every mob carefully, which is tiresome, troublesome and NOT FUN.

I just want Invasion bosses to be implemented, not as wandering beasties, but as random replacements for the existing bosses that they are based on. So, for example, you could be searching for the Deep Dweller in Cruel and upon reaching it are attacked by the Mother of the Hive instead. This alleviates the grind, provides better drops thanks to Invasion bosses, and improves variety between character sessions.
Also, the higher the difficulty (or level of the area) the higher the chance that the Invader spawns in place of the normal boss. This way GGG won't totally lose the bosses they've created, without overwhelming the playerbase with terrifyingly effective noob murderers.

As for the Map drop rate/boxes, I think that every map should guarantee another map drop (even if it means full clearing the area), and that strongboxes could be balanced better without reducing how often they appear.
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*
Is this topic still actual, seem ready to be locked to me...
About the maps, the expansion could probably include a map vendor.

With the 6-L change, my bet is that they are putting a lot of options to reduce the risk playing the game.
Add a Forsaken Masters questline
Please add a guaranteed map drop, with no less than -1 level if a white mob. So disappointing to run out so the penalty for poor map management is a downwards trend and not out of stock.
I haven't read any other comments, but to add my 2 cents...

I'm TOTALLY against adding invasion mobs to the regular game. I think that completely ruins the flavor of the zones. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Huge mistake IMO. Leave it in the races, but not in the regular leagues. I don't even see the purpose, especially without the bosses. It just seems like making a change for the sake of making a change.

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