Space's CoC Windripper Build (2 Million dps!?) Build Of The Week #7 [now w/ 1.2 tree]

Video is here:

1.2 Update!

I am no longer playing this build, ive since moved on to some other things ( is my current crit ice spear build in rampage). However there has been some really good discussion in the thread about passive trees updated for 1.2. I am going to link one that looks good to me.

This is a tree posted by EnerJ - looks very solid to me at 108 points:
Here are his comments about the new tree:
1. I've lost about 500 life, but with life on hit and life on kill I've gained quite a bit more survivability.
2. Mana on hit + Mana on kill are now enough to spam both Split/lmp/Powerchargeoncrit/fasterattacks and the CoC setup infinitly, as long as you are hitting something.
It also enables me to run Grace + Any of the purity Auras + Herald of Ice (great synergy with the crazy speed you are spitting projectiles out and the amount of freezing you do with this build) with 57 mana left, which for now seems to be enough.
3. There's so many crit nodes on the tree that I'm currently only going for 4 power charges, I don't know if it would be more effective to pick up the fifth and spec out of some crit nodes. Also the higher base crit chance is great for building up power charges more quickly.
On a side note, the knockback on crit needs a bit of getting used to and might not suit everyone, it makes it harder to shotgun tanky mobs, but helps keeping melees away from you.

The CoC nerf is certainly noticeable, but since the individual spells do more damage now I don't think the overall damage went down.

Hope this helped a bit with getting into the new patch, and hoping for more experienced players to give me some ideas for improvement etc.!

This is a bow CoC build that relies on windripper for very reliable cast on crit casting of Fireball, Arctic Breath, and Arc. The build hits the 95% crit chance cap with power charges up, and features a good amount of crit multiplier so the spells that are cast crit often and hard.

The main 6l I've been using is Barrage, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Cast on Crit, Fireball, Arctic Breath, and Arc. Fireball and Arctic breath both benefit from GMP, and arc shocks things before they hit.

I run with dual curses, which is available thanks to my amulet. You could also use doedre's ring or windscream boots. The dual curses are cast by my utility 5l which is split arrow, cast on crit, power charge on crit, and my 2x curses. I usually run elemental weakness and projectile weakness, but for some bosses i will switch in temporal chains or enfeeble. Projectile weakness is really nice for this build because of the knockback it gives to projectiles- because so many projectiles are cast at once, most mobs cannot get close to fight you.

Damage calculations for this build are hard to do, but i'll do my best here. If anyone has a different way of calculating dps for CoC please let me know.
This is assuming 1 second of all attacks critting and all crits proccing their spells, shotgunning a target.
8x projectiles from barrage and GMP x 3 attacks /second = 24 spells cast/sec

Arc does 1.5k damage x 24 casts = 36k dps
Fireball does 1.5k dmg x 5 proj x 24 cast = 180k dps
Arctic Breath does 2k dmg x 5 proj x 24 cast = 240k dps
Total = 456k dps.

Then add in proj weakness 1.34x proj dmg multiplier = 611k dps.
Then add in shock stacks (90% more dmg w/ 3) = 1.1 million
This is not calculation in elemental weakness, which for certain mobs would double the damage to over 2 million.

Now this damage is assuming that I shotgun a mob from up close. Realistically most mobs wont get the full shotgun effect, but only 2-4 of the projectiles. However, I can 1 shot rare's and some map bosses pretty easily if I stand right in front of them.


Evasion gear , Ondar's Guile, Acrobatics, and phase acrobatics. Also Atziri's Step boots give more spelldodge which is nice. I have 4.5k hp.

Reflect and Thorns
Reflect can be pretty dangerous. I have a second CoC setup to use Ethereal knives to fight reflect packs. Lightning thorns really sucks with this build because of the number of hits you dish out per second. Advice is kill the mages first if possible, and avoid maps with "humanoids" as there will be thorns witches in it.


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Trying out ur build, what were ur bandit choices,(thinking extra stat points). Also you only run grace? I am confused. P.S. whats ur ign.
IGN: IGonnaGetDrunkNDieAgain
If you PM me on site PLZ leave your IGN.
Space is my hero <3 I have seen him use this setup to very great success!
space is the coolest nicest guy in the world, he likes feeds the homeless, the helps old ladies cross the street and one time he saved a kitty from a tree. the tree was chasing the kitty trying to hurt it, when i grow up i want to be like space. Also its a good build, good dps, excellent clear speed. except it reeeeeps my gfx card.
Haha thanks fellas. As for my bandit choices i went with Oak (hp), Kill All (skill), and Alira (Pwr Charge).
If you want to chat feel free -ign: space_bow

Updated build with actual info, not a placeholder now!
damn space you have the hottest ass
This build seems like a ton of fun. Going to attempt to roll with it, but starting from 1. Been gone a loooooooong time. Obviously won't be doing CoC for awhile unless I buy the gem(which I probably will). I do have some questions though.

1) Why the spell damage at the shadow start? Is this solely for boosting the Arc/Fireball/Arctic? Assume the same goes for the cold damage(though that appears to be more just a passage to get to the crit).

2) What direction on the tree would you suggest to get first? I'm guessing the mana on kill, then Acrobatics/Ondars.

Looking forward to giving this a go!

Question #1 - All the damage this build does comes from spells. Therefore, spell damage is a great investment. However, the tree will work really well as a generic ele crit build that can transition into CoC very easily. I leveled with split arrow, and transitioned into using CoC around lvl 50ish. If you are lvling with split arrow try to use anger/wrath auras, they will give a lot of damage!

Question 2 - I usually level with an emphasis on dps in the beginning because I am comfortable enough with the early game to get by with less life. So I got the crit and ele dmg nodes first, then filled out with more life and the acrobatics cluster. Honestly it doesn't matter too much though. If youre dying, get life. If not, get crit nodes.
Have you considered using LA instead of barrage to shock stack, which lets you use another spell, or use CE instead of arc..

Arc does 36k apparently while 69% of 240k (fireball) and 240k (arctic breath) is... alot..

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