[3.4] Say_Ten's Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion - Cheap and Easy to Play

xxRevenant wrote:
Traded my reduced mana for a already level 17 one. Now i can run Grace both and Determination together pretty stable. I have something like 50mp only with both active but its not a big problem since i have lots of leech.

I'm with something like 17k running aureas.

yeah, depending on your weapon and damage and how much mana leech you have, the double auras can be doable. sometimes i would run them just on boss fights because the mana leech would only go so far if you only have 50 mana and you use like 35 per attack or something.

but it says a lot about the build in that you can go VERY far by pretty much just running hatred (or one aura only)
prospecial wrote:
up for this good build
testing it for the new season and i am steamrolling everything
lvl 51 a1 merc

only problem i had so far was leeching (especially mana), which i solved with wurms molt ^^
resis are not that easy too, but managable
maybe one could pick the res nodes in the beginning instead of the projectile nodes

yeah, getting goldrim early is kickass, but if you have a good weapon instead, you could definitely swap the out nodes for the resist nodes in the beginning.

otherwise its all about that item find grind, unfortunately.
how about a new skilltree?
really difficult what to pick with all these new nodes
I'd really like to get a new skilltree, did anyone think about the new one?
i will get working on that for you guys. i have had less time to play and i am not one of those power levelers that get's to 70+ in one day but hopefully i will be grinding it this weekend. i'm also not someone who studies the skill tree for hours on end before the game comes out.

i have a few (useless?) notes i can share in the immediate:

1) spectral throw damage drop is noticeable but doesn't ruin it's ability to murder things. even with no support gems, it's doing fine. just make sure you eventually pick up a high dps 2H weapon so you don't waste mana.

2) even after i picked up hatred as a quest reward, i'm still generally fine on mana. i keep one potion on me and it suffices.

3) since i haven't gotten double strike yet, i've been using molten strike, which i had never used before, but the single target damage is good enough to warrant it.

4) i have not spent any passives yet. this is how i usually play. wait until i need to and then go on a shopping spree. just a preference, for fun. i did find some decent low level gear early on, including killing a rogue exile for some yellow rain (not that kind, you sick bastards) so it has made the journey a little easier, but the same "rules" apply. get your resists up.

i'll link my current equipment so you can see that even with no passives, i'm still fine. most difficult encounter thus far was probably trying to get the baleful gem from that lightning abortion, just because my lightning resist is shot.

i know this isn't much information, but stay tuned. i'll keep updating you guys.
at this (low) level, i would probably do something like this to bolster survivability and get the attack speed up a little. this is generally how i started all the previous DS/ST builds.


depending on your preference, you could opt for projectile damage instead of resists, but like i have said multiple times, resists go a long f'ing way.
Anymore new updates to tree, I really need your guidance on this?
looks like the build runs smooth as always :)
i am playing st crit dagger so far and i dont even notice the ST nerf to be honest
still a great skill

the melee buffs should be pretty nice, especially later on
DeThroneDe wrote:
Anymore new updates to tree, I really need your guidance on this?

posting as we speak (type?)
Ok, made some good progress this weekend. I believe I'm up to level 52 or so.

TREE: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgAAAecDlgmWDjwaVRv6Jd8nICmlMZ4yCTJ-NZI26DpSOyhKyE3jTipW2VivW69gQ2EhZKNqk2xGbj1uaW6qcmx4DXz1guSDCYTZhmCHaooiiq-QEZBsnCefy6QZplepbqmUtfK2Qb6nvrzAD8CmwPPSTdXt2L3rCe4U-TT-jw==

I mainly went for a bunch of damage and attack speed nodes first (the best defense is a good offense). I picked up some life, armor, etc on the way too.

Level 52 is not "high" but I have been absolutely raping everything up until this point. I HAVE died a few random times, mostly due to laziness in corrupted areas, and again, I will stress getting your resists up as high as possible. However, my equipment still is not that great. My double strike tooltip DPS is up to something like 4500 self-buffed with hatred only.

Current equipment:

I'd post the flasks but it's useless right now. Just know you are still looking for (eventually) a granite and a jade flask with some sweet mods on them, like % evasion or armor.

Keep in mind, I am leveling a lot of gems because I have space. But the only things I am using are Double Strike, Spectral Throw, Leap Slap (for mobility right now, and eventually culling strikes) and Hatred. I love the simplicity.


- Getting LMP on spectral throw made me so much happier
- I found that double strike does more DPS than molten strike, at least from base skill to base skill, and since my spectral throw is an AOE skill, I'm keeping DS for now because I don't need another AOE skill...just raw single target power
- Forgot how much mobility and survivability leap slam offers, get that as soon as you can
- I maintained the plan of OAK, OAK for bandit quests
- Don't have CoDT set up yet
- Still just grinding for some better items
- With the current mana leech on my equipment, I am not hurting for mana at all and I think I'm almost ready to be done with carrying a mana flask

Any questions, let me know
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