1.1.1 Patch Notes

very nice update.

cant wait for that new Micro-helm design. Best one so far of the helmet micros!

Who Are We? Where do we come from?
Very nice! I'm excited to jump in and immerse myself again. I hope you did justice to Invasion bosses.
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LEECH is not back yet??
fkxLegacySpectral : lvl 97 Raider ST HowA [Legacy]
fkxBreachSlayer : lvl 95 Slayer Blade Flurry [Breach]
fkxCrockett : lvl 94 Saboteur Ice Trap [Perendus]
fkxRampage : lvl 94 Witch Fireball [Rampage]
fkxShadow : lvl 95 Shadow FP/CI [open beta]
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Atmoz wrote:
As a flameblast main user, if my dps drops by too much, wellllll I'm just done with 4-month leagues lol.

Even main flameblast users should agree that the damage was simply too high.

1 shotting 6 player hp mobs is not balanced.

Has never happened for me, even with this gear... in ambush, spec'd for lots of damage nodes:

It's strong. But goddamn only cause I have a fucking 6l Searing Touch. Can't wait to see the damage.
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Awesome job as always!
Removed an unfinished skill from an Invasion boss. HUMMM I WONDER IF ITS LIGHTING BALL FROM THE DEVOURER LOLZ? Could have just came out and said which boss probably !
Vaal Glacial Hammer + Vaal Spark = one shot Atziri kill
Increased the quantity and rarity of items dropped from Corrupted Secret Area and Invasion bosses.
Invasion bosses which are harder than average now drop increased rewards in higher difficulties based on their level of challenge.

This is so perfect, thank you guys so much for listening to the feedback! As one of the people who posted asking for nerfs on monsters like ch'aska etc, I would like to say I really hope that overall the monsters are still dangerous!
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll-
So flameblast nerfed by almost 50% at lvl 12, back to the garbage can i guess.
Completed 13 Challengescalyce wrote:
Will the bug where the game turns off if you try to reenter a fracture map (too many corpses maybe?)
It's not even lag, it just straight up DCs in 1 sec and then you caan't enter the instance

Would like to know if this was addressed as well. Have a few fractured maps sitting in my stash gathering dust.

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