1.1.1 Patch Notes

Invasion - Retired due to 20+ Rips
Hardcore - ZackyP (Reaver Max Blocker/67%Spell block)
ZackyPArcer (Arcer max spell block in the works)
ZackyPP (buzzsaw overall cheap build)
ZackyPee (DD in the works)
Woop Woop!
Everything in this patch is awesome!! Thank you!
8/8 Challenges Anarchy/Onslaught
8/8 Challenges Domination/Nemesis
[quote="I_NO"]They say every time Chris Wilson cries those tears form into exalted orb's that drop onto the game itself.
ign Fumble.
"Its not a rocket surgery." -JcFreak 2014
Still no desecrate corpse fix for invasion.
:) Looks Great!
Improvement =)
IGN: Ignorance_N_Bliss | One of the rulers of trading I O W N Y O U
Level 91 - Ranger - Glyph Mark Burning Arrow: 3.7m DPS | Standard [RETIRED]
Level 88 - Witch - Shatter-chuck: 3.3m DPS | Standard [RETIRED]
Level 84 - Ranger - Elemental Maelstrom 3.5m DPS | Torment [RETIRED]
A reason to run corrupted areas.

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.
Benjamin Franklin

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