1.1.1 Patch Notes

Greatly appreciate the fixes. Well done.
Better risk/reward on invasion bosses, good call!
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xliktiz wrote:
so is flameblast being nerfed by 48% or are you just letting us know you are leaving it like that?
Also confused.
Chris wrote:
Version 1.1.1:
Balance Changes:
  • If you use a skill that causes a projectile spiral (like Vaal Fireball) from inside an enemy, then only the first projectile can collide with the enemy now.

But a skill that causes a projectile spiral can still hit an enemy multiple times if the source of the skill is not inside the enemy?
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Thank you! The boss rebalancing + tweaking their drops to match their difficulty is what should have been there in the first place. True, they are too "easy" to farm due to their frequency but it was completely unfair to be that strong for no reward whatsoever.
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Cool to know. 1 hour before patch I just got offscreen 1 shot by devourer boss. Even cooler.
I didn't expect 1.1.1 so fast, I guess that's what the surprise was. :p

Mostly balance and bug fixes though...
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