1.1.1 Patch Notes

err..guys I think I have found the new vendor recipe
weapon+blacksmith's whet+chain belt = weapon with +% spell damage

Completed 11 Challengesxdzinrsd wrote:
Atmoz wrote:
Completed 11 Challengesxdzinrsd wrote:

Totally agree with you, 30% nerf on a skill isn't a little thing. This fucked up with my whole build.

They should AT LEAST give us a tree reset.

Are you actually serious?

I think you dont play with your main skill beign flameblast.

But, just try to think. You build your WHOLE CHARACTER on a fucking 4 month league for a SINGLE SKILL, and they come and nerf 48% (not 30%) of it.

If you say it's fair, ok, then you're an asshole. WE LOST THE WHOLE FUCKING SEASON.

They can't come and UNBALLANCE the season, that's the point.

That WHOLE CHARACTER was there for 1,5weeks in that 4months league. Quit whining that much. You have more than 3.5 month to make another char.
I'll need to verify the extent but just from reading it's an incredible patch that clearly shows that GGG hears what players say (I had no doubt). The bosses were just too much, the loot ridiculous and the Vaal zones scarce. Now just make Aztiri easier to reach (after the competitions end) and we're set
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Increased the quantity bonus on the of Fracturing Map mod from 21% to 27% and reduced the chance of this mod spawning.

Good. One of the most annoying map mods for me, I'm glad it will no longer spawn so often.

Fixed a problem where Vaal Vessels in the Vaults of Atziri could drop items that were impossible to pick up.

Thanks for this too, I've already encountered this twice - thankfully no Midnight fragments got stuck.

Overall, it seems like a solid patch notes. Many things people have been complaining about were adressed.
I'm not a native English speaker. Should you spot a mistake in my post, feel free to point it out. Thanks!
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Players are now 20% more likely to encounter a Corrupted Secret Area.

That's what I'm talking about!
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Improved zombie dismemberment.

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I stopped reading at page 16 so sorry if someone already asked, but does the Flameblast nerf end up nerfing the Queen? Does she not 1 shot 7k hp's anymore for making one mistake during the 40 minute fight :)
Anyone know if this :

"If you use a skill that causes a projectile spiral (like Vaal Fireball) from inside an enemy, then only the first projectile can collide with the enemy now."

Has any impact with Spectral Throw?

Let's say im inside a monster and use spectral throw, will it still hit it on the way out and on the way in (im not even sure if it did before that patch, I just started using Spectral Throw yesterday)?
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Invasion bosses which are harder than average now drop increased rewards in higher difficulties based on their level of challenge.

Why only Invasion bosses? Why not bosses in corrupted areas on every league?
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Yes, of course Flameblast was op with a 6 linked searing touch and all quality 20 Gems.
The changes will not tickle these guys a bit.

But with "normal" gear it is a huge nerf and a pain in the ass...

Please tell that to my non-Searing touch 4L test character built precisely for this patch, as I was levelling, the 4L searing touch I made deliberately breaking my 5L, and my 5L Searing Touch I re-linked, all with non quality gems, that had absolutely no problems.

Admittedly, stopped after Cruel Dominus, but deliberately avoided using Searing Touch until A3 Cruel. The presumption being that building the character right results in the unique not being required, just a nice added bonus.

Now all the FB builds revert back to Searing Bond/Desecrate, which is already the majority of the field. Yay...

Second verse, same as the first:


Why only Invasion bosses? Why not bosses in corrupted areas on every league?


"Increased the quantity and rarity of items dropped from Corrupted Secret Area and Invasion bosses."
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