Three recent patches and Atziri Competition Progress

I was killed at level 4, new personal record and first death since start of open beta (a bit more then a year ago?).

The reflect boss from act3, The Imperial Gardens area. Did some kind of Vaal Gem attack?
Swirling fireball nova that oneshot me ,it was great!
Completed 16 Challengesellrik78 wrote:
Kripparrian, why? he trashed the game and left

you realize its a troll video right? just checking...

IGN: ___I_Fink_U_Freeky___

Soooooo many rips already this league! :D
This tells me Atziri is crazy hard.

If people who are INSANELY geared up in standard, like mega maximum pimped out have only killed her once so far, it's gonna be super difficult for people in leagues to do so.
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Who cares for Kripp? Wow! What a thing to say!

I have the UTMOST RESPECT for Kripparrian! AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY!

Kripparrian is The One guy I can turn to on the internet for AN HONEST OPINION.
And brothers n sisters, THATS A rare thing!

He does not pull any punches so-to-speak, and he is not afraid to be straight-forward and honest.
I watch his videos daily, and I rarely watch streams on twitch,
( I have a Twitch account too, but I dont stream, and Im not interested in streaming)
I rarely watch anyone's streams, for that matter.

Kripp is a good guy, dont be so hard on him!
He was the one guy I got the straight dope on how to setup my character,
and I learned alot by watching his videos on the skill map,
(and I also have to give props to ZiggyD and WillyWonka- who did the AutoHotKey /oos video)

He is probably the ONLY person online that I trust 100% with a gaming opnion!

And I am one hardcore bastard when it comes to gaming... ask anyone who knows me.
If you get to me, and make me smile, then brother you got a friend for life!

I don't know Kripparrian personally, by the way, we have never spoken directly.

Who am I? ( if you care)
(( Im a You Tube channel owner as well, SlippstersVideos
although I don't do the daily video thing like Kripparrian or others,
these days, I make montage tributes & music lyrics videos,
but I started out making Gaming Videos 7 years ago when You Tube had square screens.))

So I will DEFINITELY have eyes-on-Twitch this Sunday I'm looking forward to this!

Thanks GGG!


Have Fun! :)

Is it going to be a bundle sale or standalone stash tab?
Singapore Server
IGN (HC): DualTotemGuy | WorkersPartyTwo | Singapore_Scion | DualSmasher | Dualise
The video linked of Kripp was from April 1st, 2013 and was recorded as a troll by Kripp for an April Fool's day joke.

So yeah, stop freaking out about it or even discussing it.
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Thank you GGG masters for stash tab sales !
finally, I've been waiting for stash tabs for a LONG time now lol!!

other than that... Devs, gotta tell you, I'm loving this patch... so many hard encounters (playing ambush tho) and the game sure feels fresh.... Kudos!
Loving Strongboxes and Corrupted Areas~ <3

Only problem is I'm not getting enough normal items or Scrolls of Wisdom to identify all my rarity items!

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