Three recent patches and Atziri Competition Progress

So you guys released (not so)mini-expansion 2 days ago and you already plan 1.1.1 next week? Go take a break or something, we don't want you to die from overworking...

Yet another piece of life stripped. Thanks. I also appreciate that no one is talking about why life was kicked in the teeth, why leech was nerfed, or why things are currently so borked. It's awesome.
The new content ROCKS! :-)
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I have no idea why people are whining about life being nerfed. When I rebuilt my scion, she had 10% MORE life than before. (She also improved in almost every single other aspect: DPS, Leech amount, Armor, Regen....)
GGG - Please make the Templar Lab Zana's hideout. That place is pretty.

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^^ I lost 900 life on my marauder.
Completed 1 ChallengeEnetrix wrote:
Why invite Kripp, take a look at this:

He mostly compliments PoE in that video.

Great game! Love ambush.
"Man, it's like we're fighting housewives and their equipment." - Millennium
Awesome work, I have always been pleased with GGG's customer service and immediate attention to necessary patches. Also, it's about time stash tabs went on sale again!!!!

^^ I lost 900 life on my marauder.

Should have planned it better before spending the points.
"Man, it's like we're fighting housewives and their equipment." - Millennium
Why would you get someone to commentate that doesn't even play the game anymore and hardly even knew that the new currency was called a vaal orb?

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