Three recent patches and Atziri Competition Progress

The competition to kill Atziri in the challenge leagues is getting fierce! At the time that I'm writing this, no one has reached the Apex of Sacrifice in the new Ambush or Invasion leagues yet. In Standard/Hardcore, 83 people have entered the Apex, and Atziri has been slain at least once. We're very interested to see how close people get over the weekend!

Exilic is running a Path of Exile levelling competition at 8pm CET Sunday March 9 (that's 8am Monday NZ time, which is 11am Sunday PST). They invited many of our top streamers to compete and the competition is being commentated by Kripparrian. Rory (one of our designers) is also being interviewed at the event. There are also prizes, provided by both us and Exilic. The link to the stream is

By the way, there are premium and regular stash tab sales this weekend (Sat/Sun US time)!
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