Sacrifice of the Vaal is now Live! Compete in our Launch Competition!

Here are some more notes on the competition:
  • To qualify, you need to be one of the first 50 people in Ambush or one of the first 50 people in Invasion league to complete the Challenge called "Kill Atziri and her Guardians". We are using the challenge-tracking system to track this.
  • Standard and Hardcore kills do not count for this competition.
  • Atziri and the four other Unique monsters in the Apex of Sacrifice must be killed.
  • GGG staff members are not eligible to win the prize.
  • We'll show what the prize looks like within the next few days in the news :)

Good luck!
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yes!!!! GG!!
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Atziri items only!!
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aw yus
I'm not gonna play thank you anyway.

-Most of the balance changes in the wrong direction (block was the problem, not those uniques);
-I do not like the new skill tree;
-Cheap fix to eternal and mirror with the new vaal orbs;
-No gameplay improvements (desync and animations, fluidity...);

I like the new vaal orbs, but that's not enough GGG. People expect more.

Have fun guys who still enjoy the game, good luck to everyone!
Last edited by DnAngel on Mar 5, 2014, 5:03:05 PM
Awesome stuff
Steam: teemu92
good job :)
My body is ready
nice :)

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