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Unimpressed until know............the corrupted areas are too unbalanced...its supposed to be more challenging but its almost impossible......

PS: best wand Drop until lv 32

This game has the best drops ever.
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First off, I play standard and I enjoy it. I don't care about new leagues because I don't care to start over every 4 months. That's my choice. I enjoy challenge and I don't find grinding through 3 difficulties every 4 months to be very appealing or challenging. So, needless to say this expansion has almost zero impact on me. I did spend about an hour last night trying to run through low level content (I am 90) and couldn't even find a single corrupted area. Luckily a few guildmates are running through the game again and they let me come with them into their corrupted areas. Unfortunately the new areas are very short. All three that we went into were about 3 rooms of mobs, all of which could be one shot by a level 90 (as would be expected) and this left very little room for drops or to experience the content.

Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy POE but it would really be nice if you made it so the corrupted areas spawn in maps so that those of us who don't like to reset can participate.

Also, my skill tree was reset but I was never able to find what exactly has changed. Is there a list somewhere?

tsurutafan wrote:
Loving the new Ambush league so far. The new side areas popping up are neat, and the monster-spawning boxes are great for getting all sorts of goodies. I prefer this to shrines, personally.

I'm really enjoying the path that the game has taken (lol ^^)

More exactly, i'm hopin for you to keep making interacting stuff, odds and chances to trigger this gear mod or that item we can do our best to making things hapenning at the same time. The currency system, and then the map mods, and further the strongboses modes are exactly what this game is awesome. You should absolutely keep this line of evolution, and beeing this creative !
is there any chance to see how many people have completet atziri challenge yet?
would be cool to see so you can react ( give up / or hurry :))
Just tried out some of the new content. The strongboxes are a nice idea. The corrupted area I did do was terrible once the boss' lightning bombs started popping. A fucking slideshow.

I have a low end system but that was ridiculous.

Okay, I hope this isn't a dumb question, but how do you GET Act IV? Is it an endgame thing, or do you have to make a new character?

I just finished the game in a standard league with a shadow character I had made pre-Vaal on the first difficulty, and was hoping act iv would be after that... Clearly, it's not.
This patch exceeded my expectations. I logged in to see a nice graphic update to my Tabula Rasa. Then I noticed how pretty the Marketplace looked. The graphic performance is also smoother on my Radeon 5770.

I also had a blast playing on Invasion with my friend, the challenge level has been amped up by a lot. Even highly skilled racers were falling like flies. You guys are awesome, this game keeps getting better and better.
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I hate it when they change that passive skill-tree, it's never to make my characters better.
No one could manage to kill her even with the best gear possible right now in the softcore.
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