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Only played a couple hours with my Witch, great fun so far. I think I might have found a map part, "Sacrifice at Dusk", in a corrupted area, Cruel difficulty. So far, the changes have helped my build, I'll see how they hold up in Merciless. Now to make a character in the new league.

Some of the mini-bosses have new bags of tricks, makes it verrrry interesting.
I cant win in new leagues... im on work... Hate this -_-
Harsh RNG, fair trade is dead, botting everywhere, oneshot mechanic -=RIP=-
Can't remember the last thing that's been done to improve solo play. Another buff to groups... It's already ridiculously easy in groups so that it's almost no fun...until the loots drop
my righteous fire build has lost 200 HP down from 7100 to 6900 (which isn't the end of the world) but has gained a ton of life regen which is a massive plus

also the +1 to max resists on diamond skin and the +1 to max resists on the accompanying resist wheel are a very welcome bonus (with elemental adaptation my max resists are now up to 79%)

so far loving the changes and new content on Ambush. The chests are great - got 6 gems on one and 10 orbs on another which is a bonus in a new league :)

thanks ggg you don't disappoint
-Cheap fix to eternal and mirror with the new vaal orbs;

You can't use any currency items on something once it is corrupted, that includes imprints/mirrors.

Educate yourself before you complain about things.
Completed 4 Challengesyeknoms wrote:
Would have liked to see more focus on making viable end-game builds from lower level uniques

Low level uniques are for low levels, some can be used end game but most are for leveling.
What I'd like to know, is if the Sanctified flask vendor recipe has been restored with the advent of the new four month leagues.
so many reeeps already
Completed 25 Challengessidtherat wrote:

other than that after one hour wasted searching for these rifts i managed one. and that one was a TOTAL disappointment. short. easy. with no loot except for one vaal gem that is already corrupted (all vaal gems are already corrupted? or did i had a bad luck?). thats IT? small (like 50 mobs total) randomly placed dungeon

i remember reading that all rifts drop map fragments. mine didnt..

SO you're saying that you completed ONE Corrupted dungeon and didn't get the loot you wanted so they're bad? Wow.. talk about your casual no knowledge gamer.

Also, you read wrong. The chests have a change to drop Vaal Orbs, Vaal Skill gems, or the Vaal Map fragments needed for Atziri.
SigmaBlack wrote:
Chris wrote:
Those quotes are consistent. You don't ever need to enter a Map to fight Atziri - but the way to open the portal to her area is in the Eternal Lab.

Ok, I get it. But you know that the definition you're giving me is exactly that of a map, don't you? xD

Eternal Laboratory = Gateway to Maps.

That's why I thought it needed something 'special' (currency and some other things) to be able to do the content. But as I said, understood.

It uses the Eternal Lab, like maps do. That is not "the definition of maps".

The Eternal Laboratory is a mechanism used to create portals to other places, Maps is once type you can do, Atziris Lair is another.. and no doubt there will be more in the future.

Get use to it.

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