Sacrifice of the Vaal Patch Notes (and Vaal Cold Snap Teaser Video!)


Fish Sticks.
 The new corrupted spells are great looking bling but since they only work after killing X quantity of monsters and as such will only be available every few minutes or so I seriously have doubts as to their real usefulness at speeding up zone clearing. Since these will be taking up valuable sockets I'm doubtful that these will be little more than more stash storage used up. These spells can't be too OP (heaven forbid that) so are these just more server loading desyncing effects?

Since I have full tabs of red/green/blue gems where are the real crafting recipes that I can use that requires a gem as an ingredient so I can use up a few without vendor wasting them?

 Come on GGG, new content every 4 months is great but making this at the expense of not fixing core game features that don't work well or are broken (no easy trading, item scaling/prgression at level 50+, desync, etc.) is doing the loyal fanbase and long time players a major disservice.

 Let's face it. We as PoE players want to make a build that can clear all content and eventually reach level 100 and retire it. An excerpt from a post I made back on 1-14-2014:

Completed 7 ChallengesArrowneous wrote:
 GGG also needs to rethink their strategy on the end play (levels 68 to 100). Right now GGG has PoE exponentially more time consuming to grind XP to level up. This keeps us from getting to level 100 too fast and being bummed out with that but I don't see that as a problem but as another storyline element that needs to be leveraged. GGG needs to use the whole story of being exiled to Wraeclast as a punishment for crimes committed and use the 100 level cap as a goal to be reached to get pardoned and allowed to leave Wraeclast as a free person. If we can play our characters up to level 100 and then get pardoned for our crimes and get a great conclusion to all the grinding to get to level 100, complete with a cinematic ending like D3 has, then the incentive to keep on playing and grinding XP will be worth it. A great level 100 goal is needed. When we get our character pardoned and leave Wraeclast that build will be retired and place on the pardoned exile scroll with all the stats viewable to all. Then there will be a big currency reward given (100 fusings + 100 jewellers or something really rare but immediately usable) which will be placed in our stash along with our current inventory gear (as a new read-only tab). Finally, that character is permanently retired and no longer playable (similar to what TorchLight has). We take our great reward and start over with a new build. Getting to level 100 should not be seen as a rare once in a blue moon achievement but as a more common and easier to reach goal with less grinding at the top 32 levels.

 PoE has many great possibilities for the endgame to be much better and more fun than it currently is now and GGG should make some sweeping changes soon to re-invigorate the loyal but tiring (and grind exhausted) PoE fans before the player base collapses from fatigue and burnout.

So come on GGG, fix the broken/missing features of PoE and flesh out the current game features that are unfulfilled.
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
No joy in Mudville... no joy in Wraeclast.

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