Sacrifice of the Vaal Patch Notes (and Vaal Cold Snap Teaser Video!)

Seems too OP.
Thank you Chris, thank you GGG. Pls keep on doing such a good Job!
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Nice work GGG!
IGN: uCry
Damn 2nd page..

Thanks GGG
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Oh god tons of freezing.
Uncle Chris? I know you're sleepy and tired and working very hard but speaking of freezing
Completed 39 ChallengesDeziowy wrote:
Dreggon wrote:
Arctic Footprints effect 34% off - 115 points.

I think people wanted these?

I think the same daily deal was 4 days ago...
Thank you for the heads up!
Don't fool yourself exile... your end is just around the corner!
You all know what will happen when someone will fire this new vaal gems in 6 man party :)
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