Sacrifice of the Vaal Patch Notes (and Vaal Cold Snap Teaser Video!)

petden wrote:
I guess like half of the first 100 to complete the competition will be alpha members, because they know crucial information about the expansion.

i wouldn't count on it. for whatever reasons.
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23 hours! :)
23 hour HYPE!
Can we see the new passive tree?
Last edited by psyfect on Mar 4, 2014 5:15:21 PM
passive tree.
Can we take a peek at the new passive skills panel pls ?

Pretty pls ?
20 H !!!!!!!
sacrifice of the vaal (pact)
Every Class 100
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You guys are morons of the highest level. Yeah go nerf spectral throw and leave incinerate. guess we know what all the developers play. I'm done playing a game that plays favoritism like that. Your balance is the biggest joke I have ever seen.

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