The SotV Press Tour is Complete. Full Information Tomorrow!

We've just completed our press tour on the west coast of America and are about to fly back to New Zealand. Here are two photos of the media suite we had set up today where we showed a lot of journalists Sacrifice of the Vaal. In the photos, you can see Jonathan and Michael (our American PR guy) demonstrating the game to the press.

Tomorrow there will be plenty of news coverage about Sacrifice of the Vaal on the web, including an article from us. Here's one screenshot from the Ambush League section:

Finally, here are our last two teaser items:

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Nice! That Vaal Molten Shell sounds awesome. It sounds like you'll have a set number of shields before the effect expires rather then it expiring based on how much damage your armour has absorbed.
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Looks very nice...
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caant waiiit
Awesome, really looking forward to all the info!
Pelerin of Wraeclast
yayyy... gg
thanks to
Lovin' it, can't wait to get back on the game and play this...stuff? Yeah, stuff n' games.
yay! (first page first timer excitement)
Thats good!
wow those boots with Auto move speed! very nice guy's
first Page?

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