Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #5

cant wait for this expansion to drop!!!!!
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Kamro wrote:
so currupting a map can make it +1 Level or more affixes ?

Level 79 corrupted maps inc?
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come ooooooooon firday!
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Looking awesome! I am excited to start the new league!
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I hope Invasion isn't as simple as monsters crossing between dungeons. That's what happens in maps already.

I'm sure there's more to it than that, though.

Any timeframe on when we'll see a new passive skill tree? I want to brainstorm what build to roll first, but that's hard considering the tree is getting another makeover.

Thanks for all of your hard work, GGG! Best game ever. Looking forward to Invasion :D
None of those maps are +1 I have no idea where you guys got that from
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Invasion is going to be awesome.
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None of those maps are +1 I have no idea where you guys got that from

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So a Corrupted Map can also roll a higher Map Level, similar to the Gems? Interesting...
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Which is HC and SC again?
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