Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #5

Where is new teaser? :(
bjones0054 wrote:
Where is new teaser? :(

Yeah dont say there will be a day without a teaser... <.<
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It's been long enough already, you guys have had your fun, new teaser please.
If Invasion allows random monsters in areas few people will bother making a low life build.

Too much effort just to be one shot by a random chaos mob. At least now we know which areas to skip through and which areas to farm for experience if on low life.

Shavs players can do it as normal but they might have trouble leveling up to use the Shavs.
SaiyanZ wrote:
If Invasion allows random monsters in areas few people will bother making a low life build.

Too much effort just to be one shot by a random chaos mob. At least now we know which areas to skip through and which areas to farm for experience if on low life.

Shavs players can do it as normal but they might have trouble leveling up to use the Shavs.

Baby Shav's! :)
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Dooley13 wrote:
None of those maps are +1 I have no idea where you guys got that from

It's not an unreasonable assumption considering the +lvl to gems we've seen previously.
Completed 4 Challengesellefanor wrote:
Completed 1 ChallengeScyllisc wrote:
Completed 4 Challengesellefanor wrote:

i want reworked skill tree, this one is crap
i want graphic changes, this one is crap
i want new mobs mechanics, not just improved stats, like now
i want game optimization, laggs when u face summon skeleton nemesis mod or exile necromancer stupid and unacceptable

sry for my eng.

Don't take this the wrong way, but the above would not be very helpful for anyone trying to improve the game for you. Rather than saying "this one is crap" you'd need to tell them why it is crap. Give detailed examples. Also, in direct response to some of these things you want:

Reworked skill tree - This isn't easy to do, but they are working on it already. They've already reworked ranger and duelist areas which are pretty awesome now, and I hear that Marauders are next (I can't wait as this is my go to class for HC). They will take time though since every other class can use them too, so that has to be taken into consideration rather than just optimizing each part of the tree for one class.

Graphic Changes - I can see this one to an extent, as I know a lot of people that have intense lag in Mud Flats due to trees, and places with rain, etc. This is also being worked on I'm sure, though I haven't heard anything recent about it (haven't looked hard either tbh) It was WAAY worse in beta when I started (paid for early access 1 day before OB cause, like an idiot, I was too impatient to look up the OB release date).

New mob mechanics - I'm assuming you play on one of the parent servers since Nemesis just introduced this feature into the HC temp league that just ended. It has also been announced that these will be making it into the core game. Also, with 4 more acts coming, it is almost 100% guaranteed that there will be more different mobs, with new mechanics. At the very least you will see 4 new bosses as time goes on.

Game Optimization - This one... ok, I don't see any lag outside of the occasional desync, but my computer is not that old, and I don't play on sh*tty wireless connections either. 90% of the time from my experience these are the two reasons people see lag, period. There are a couple of exceptions of course such as during the rain and the old issue with the trees going way to high or whatever it was, but even then, with a better comp those go away. There is definitely room for improvement here as GGG wants the game playable on comps with a large range of performance, but no matter how hard they try a lower performance comp is just NOT going to run the game as well (or look as pretty and still run period) as a higher performance comp.

TL;DR They are working on it. If you are seeing a lot of lag, GET OFF THAT SHITTY WI-FI and get a better comp (or at least upgrade some of what you got if it's not cheaper to buy a brand new one).

graphic - need to improve character models, typical example - look at game release video
and dominus, need new second form, i fcng HATE this rat sticking out of the ground

optimization - more and detail graphic option, not a just remove rain or clouds

oh, i almost forgot about lightning ground
this think looks bad, produce a lot of lags and does not fit into the overall levels design

Graphic is the last thing a game needs. I can't understand how many people care. The game has already a nice style, that's all that counts. Gameplay>>>>>>>>>>>>>Graphic Quality.
Only one more day! Can't wait for the flood of information.

Chris wrote:
The following dates are in the US timezone.

Friday, February 28: After a week of visiting press on the West Coast of America, our full press embargo will be lifted and a brand new gameplay trailer will be posted. Full information about the mini-expansion will be announced.
All I meant by easy was that you can get to level 80 fairly quickly, without having to do much farming for better equipment.

It might not be as 'easy' when people are actually racing on HC to stay in the top of the ladder, because they are taking more risks than someone who is not.

At level 60 you really shouldn't be dying if you are just farming xp.

I also have to ask, why would you not be interested in trading? I understand not having a shop, selling everything you find, because I don't do that either. When I find an item that I know is worth something and won't take forever to sell, I'll just quickly make a thread for it and let people come to me about it. It doesn't take that much effort to sell items like that so you can easily upgrade your own gear to pretty decent levels.


For new players, no I wouldn't say it is 'easy' to get level 80. I assume 95%+ of the people posting in this thread have had multiple characters though.

When I first started this game it felt way harder to progress than it does now.

Ooooh, ok, thanks, that clears it up a little bit. Also the talk of map levels a few posts back, too -- so it's not so much that the game itself is "easy" but that leveling high-level characters is faster/more efficient with Parties.

As for trading, I just don't really want to deal with other people, nice as they may be. I game to zone out from work and life's daily grind, and the idea of buying/selling with real people is to me too much like life outside of gaming. I'm coming to realize that the trading community was an intended and integral part of the POE experience, though, so I should really give it a chance... Also, I'm hoarding my currency cuz I can't seem to figure out how to make it rain. I have not yet found a single Exalted Orb. Do they only drop in high-level maps?

I started playing Halloween 2013, and had my first Exalted Orb drop a few days ago, shortly before the Domination/Nemesis leagues ended, on Merciless Ledge. Your mileage may vary.

As for trading... I suppose I should give it a chance. I'm just a bit wary and mistrustful, I s'pose.
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Will there be a full Passive Resepec after this update on March 5th

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