Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #5

Another act monsters invaiding? nice...

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Vaal Flaming totem with a Moving vertical searing bond like ray?
You know that feeling when a loving father gives part of his salary to his ex-wife as child costudy for years and now realize this money doesnt go for the well being of the child, she buys jewelery, new shoes and a new car with that money... thats Supporter about GGG making POE on XboxONE
It definitely better be more to it than that... low level mapping essentially
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Vall fireball looked gook on gamespot video!
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Vaal Flaming totem with a Moving vertical searing bond like ray?

isn't that just firestorm spell ?
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so currupting a map can make it +1 Level or more affixes ?
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