Eight New Quivers in Challenge Leagues

Ooooooh! Super exciting! I can't wait for the new league to start :) Your teasers are killing me!

I have a really good quiver, now I have to roll a new broadhead or spike-point, because those two are simply FAR superior to all others, with the lifegain one being good for leveling purposses.

My problems with the Quivers: The three new designs (and GGG has a little pattern there - amuletts) look way different than the old ones, and I would go as far as saying that the new designs do not fit into the world. They are shiny and bright-coloured, items in Wraeclast are not like that.

But anyways, I am teased.
Varanice wrote:
@Chris_GGG: What will the Broadstroke and Blackgleam quivers drop on now? (Since their base items are being replaced.)

There are several new Unique quivers planned that use the new base types, and it's possible that we'll port some or all of the old Unique quivers across to the new base types if they're here to stay.
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Wait with your criticism.

Don't forget that we will be able to corrupt them and change the implicit to something else.
Including defensive stats.
minion stats: http://goo.gl/gQxs0w
Modifiers: http://goo.gl/jGIr8b
Zombie dps calculator: http://goo.gl/XIStJV
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oooooo myyyyyyy....Beautifull
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seems like new leagues gonna be ranger leagues like previous was scion leagues :)
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Well, now I'm making a bow user for sure.

And to the people who day you can't stun with bows, you absolutely can. There's generic stun threshold and duration nodes that you can use with any weapon, you can use a quality stun gem for both threshold and duration, and there's the bow node in the bottom right that adds stun duration. You can also get stun stats on belts and some uniques, and now we also have a stun quiver. I'm regularly stunning enemies as I level a bow user. You just have to do enough physical damage to have a chance to stun. I just need to invest a little more in stun duration, and I think I could stun-lock.

there was already a stun quiver, broadstroke

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hmm that 1-4 phys and 4-8 fire damage quivers... pls ggg pls
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Thank you! :)

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