Eight New Quivers in Challenge Leagues

KoTao wrote:
New quiver set makes somewhat more sense than the old set, though the +dex quiver will probably be missed by more than a few builds. Also, why two nearly identical physical implicits but no lightning, cold, chaos or critical chance implicits? Quiver makeover seems like a great chance to make sure that theres a mod for every build.

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Fusion_Power wrote:
Nice idea with the quivers, sad that it's only in the challenge leagues which I don't play.
And the phys dmg Quiver(s) really needs an update for it's main stat, for example 1-4 is nothing, less than nothing imho compared to other Quivers. 5-25 Phys. Damage would be at least noticable. More forthe better phys Quiver of course.

Indeed. 1-4 physical is basically putting an Iron Ring in the quiver slot. Useless past level 1, if that.
Toki213 wrote:

so this is going to be expensive in the near future?

I doubt it, aside from the value it has from tri res and life the dext implicit is worth fuck all.
codraziel wrote:
DarkWap wrote:
Life on hit quivers?? 2 physics, only one elemental damage (fire, lol), no more dex quivers.. Why? Improvement would be better if you add some chaos damage, strength or ENERGY SHIELD quivers

At the same time they wouldnt make much sense. The logic they are going for here is clearly arrow tips adjusting the attack's stats somehow(chaos damage would make sense, str/ES quivers wouldnt).

at least thats my take :)

STR quivers make sense with Iron Grip, either keystone or support gem.
Kaskar wrote:

petden wrote:
I fucking hate challenge-league exclusive content.

standard is already dead cuz of all RMT dude
It may have been addressed already, but with all the love for quivers which require using a 2 hand weapon (bow).. where is the love for 2 handed melee weapons?

Before ya'll freak out, consider it a balance issue.

Create a class of armour for 2 handed users which would fit into the shield slot. This item would provide armour class benefits, rather than damage benefits and could only be equipped when using a 2 hand melee weapon.

TheAnuhart wrote:
Path of Exile's four-month challenge leagues are a good testing ground for incremental improvements to items and game systems. A category of items that we're targeting in Sacrifice of the Vaal for improvement is Quivers.

What an absolute load of twaddle.

The quivers could have been introduced into standard just the same.

It's just a way to try to get people to play new leagues rather than/as well as parent leagues.

You want the parent leagues to be without stuff for 4 months? Just say that.

Testing, my arse.

PS, edit. And why the hell do you call these 'challenge leagues'?
I don't get it.

cry more
Prediction: Some of the new unique quivers, and/or some of the stat changes on corrupted quivers, will be dex/str/int based.
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teslamesla wrote:
petden wrote:
I fucking hate challenge-league exclusive content.

standard is already dead cuz of all RMT dude

implying RMT people dont use certain forum to trade all the gold they made into new leagues currency

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