Eight New Quivers in Challenge Leagues

Ohhh boy Blood Magic Rangers inbound
If you are adding a pure dex quiver back, then you also need strength and int quivers.

Either that or quit complaining, if you pick a non typical class for a build you know you will be having requirements problems. Reaching 400 dex on my ranger is thoroughly pointless though.
I cant wait!!!
There were missing some quivers thats for sure..... but come on....not everything is about bows.....i think you guys have a crush on bows or legolas or both.....something must be really "hard" when u guys see a bowman right....
You might want to keep added lightning damage quivers for crit purposes and dex for build diversity.
Yeah dex should stay IMO. 40 dex is a ton to lose for hybrids.
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Wooser69 wrote:
Yeah dex should stay IMO. 40 dex is a ton to lose for hybrids.

it will break every hybrid bow toon in the game...is ggg that low?
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"Getting all life nods on passive tree should give additional survival, not the mandatory basic survival."
Looks awesome!
Is there any plans about trading? If no auctionhouse... maybe advanced filters or something?
very nice
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