Eight New Quivers in Challenge Leagues

Cool I hope shields are next, give an incentive to use thorns shield instead of a unique for instance...
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Completed 18 ChallengesGryphyn wrote:
Why 2 different physical quivers?

They probably haven't gotten around to implicits that scale with ilvl yet.
First new summoner spells now new quivers! GGG you are simply the best!

Though what will happen if you have a unique quiver from the old set?
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New quivers - <3 <3 <3
It makes no sense.
A decent buff, and it's also somewhat nice that there's a sort of level progression to the things now.

The raw damage ones are of course suboptimal here, when we're talking about the other options yielding +3..10% more damage. Which is fine imo, not everything should just be "moar damage", and critical multiplier requires a few skill points. There just oughta be top tier versions of the flat affix so the chasm between the two types isn't so comically wide.
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Why don't you add in implicit values, at least, that scale with your level instead?
I honestly don't see an improvement with these new quivers except for the 10% chance to pierce and the crit chance quiver.
Taking out the dex quiver really hurt those builds that don't start in the dex area. Like others have mentioned, you should have just nerfed the amount of dex it can roll.
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Rangers have always been my favorite so this is a great news post for me.

I did, however, want to add to the voices that want Light Quivers to stay. Dex Quivers are a big deal for anyone doing bows that aren't ranger based. Please consider keeping them in the mix.

Otherwise, I'm really excited about this. The life gain on hit and pierce quivers are the ones I'm most likely to use.

Thanks for the continual updates, GGG.
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Hey GGG what about eight new swords? I would appreciate that! :)
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