Domination/Nemesis Challenge and Race Season Six Winners

Level 21 and 23% quality gems?! WHOA! O:
☆ Store of Wraeclast ☆ -
hmmm so you already have a 20% gem.. then u use new orb ime pretty sure thats gonna reset it to level 1 and 0% quality so you have to re level it ouch lol
Grats to the winners :)
Is Rain a former StarCraft 2 Pro by chance? Congrats all.
Oh god! OH GOD1
No longer a forum dweller, please use PM for contact purposes.
"iZues" lol
IGN : Lyderis
Yo where's the burning miscreations on the list and CoD sup with DATZ
I love teddy bears.
Do we get to keep the number of challenges completed in our signature? And also, will there be a full respec with launch of SotV?
We have been given a lot of teasers showing awesome Corrupted items and gems and skill but what I want to know is what's the down side for all this awesomeness?
i wanna be corrupted. Oh wait, I already am.

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