Domination/Nemesis Challenge and Race Season Six Winners

Level 21 and 23% quality gems?! WHOA! O:
☆ Store of Wraeclast ☆ -
hmmm so you already have a 20% gem.. then u use new orb ime pretty sure thats gonna reset it to level 1 and 0% quality so you have to re level it ouch lol
Grats to the winners :)
Is Rain a former StarCraft 2 Pro by chance? Congrats all.
Oh god! OH GOD1
No longer a forum dweller, please use PM for contact purposes.
"iZues" lol
IGN : Lyderis
Yo where's the burning miscreations on the list and CoD sup with DATZ
Do we get to keep the number of challenges completed in our signature? And also, will there be a full respec with launch of SotV?
We have been given a lot of teasers showing awesome Corrupted items and gems and skill but what I want to know is what's the down side for all this awesomeness?
i wanna be corrupted. Oh wait, I already am.

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