Domination/Nemesis Challenge and Race Season Six Winners

23% quality at level 1.. holy f....
first 3 pages??? that quality!!
in game nick Warbands: KogolloRanger
Completed 7 ChallengesFILM wrote:
It must have been one hell of an effort to have two accounts in the top 20 for racing.

They didn't have two accounts. It was two people who in the signatures leveled several characters (ie 1 to 14 1 to 13 1 to 12 1 to 11 1 to 10 1 to 9) To get 15 points instead of just sticking with one character.
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Terrex and Reboticon ftw
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A dinosaurs rage can not be quenched well sorta.
Grats to SKTrain he sold me tons of low priced, quality merchandise! Hes a real chill dude.
gz to everyone with 8*, dem gems, 23q lvl 45 freezing pulse inc
Completed 40 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
Terrex and Reboticon ftw


Terrex is an awesome friendly guy, and I would recommend that anyone who is starting racing check out his stream a bit as he is very interactive with chat and very helpful.

Me, I'm just another asshole.
Anarchy/Onslaught T shirt
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Gratz everyone who won something special from the racing and grats on the people who hit 100, especially the ones in nemesis I know you guys worked super hard for it.
Sylvester73 doesn't have Atziri Ritual Horns, the mtx awarded to the first 50 to have killed atziri in Invasion league, and he's mad that I do.
Oh wow, never liked the word corruption so much as the past few days.

And yeh gratz to the 'winners' I guess :D
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Oh no, all of my Characters/Gear are now in Void League (SC/HC), what do I do?! o_0

Edit: I had no idea you could get multiple points within the same bracket as long as the Characters were different levels within the bracket.. Wow.

Although I did make a lvl 14 and 10 character on a few Races, before I found out that that was against the rules.. >_<
40/40, can't believe I did it! :O
IGN: Friday_Night_Magic
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